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Of Angels who come in your life – Post 31

When there are one hundred and one questions in your mind, when you start doubting the very decisions you have made, when you start blaming yourself knowing very well that you haven’t done anything wrong, you need that one voice … Continue reading

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Why the accent? Post 30

And that too, when you just landed in the USA like a week back? And anyways, what is the big deal in the US accent? Why couldn’t you be just proud of your natural diction and pronunciation, which according to … Continue reading

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Comfort food for the heart and the mind – Post 28

Food and my association with it has been far beyond the necessary function that it performs – filling the stomach, that is. And I guess, it is because I have been part of a family that has always seen food … Continue reading

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Life, as books say it – Post 27

I saw this at Chandu’s and I knew I had to do this. I mean what’s not to like about it anyways?? First it is about books, second it is about me and third it is the NaBLoPoMo month where … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Panda 2 – A Review – Post 26

I had loved part 1, like absolutely loved it. Po, the noodle eating Panda, has been my favorite ever since. So much so, that I actually bought the McDonalds family meal so I could get the miniature Po. Yeah, I … Continue reading

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10 Things that make me smile – Post 25

When you have to write a post everyday gems like below ought to come out, now bear with me! Rain, specially the untimely ones! Tiramisu, especially from Margaritas! Shoes, especially new ones and high heels! Beach, especially on a full … Continue reading

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Ramblings of a tired mind! Post 24

I am really really tired today. Had a long day at office and otherwise too. I absolutely have no clue what to write today. Have just reached home, exhausted, hungry and sleepy. Aman doesn’t want to order food neither does … Continue reading

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Of that sabbatical I have been dreaming off – Post 23

I have been working since past 6 years, ever since I finished my MBA in 2005. The maximum leave at a stretch that I have taken in these 6 years was the one during my wedding. I took about 15 … Continue reading

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Of Homosexuality and maturity – Post 20

I Am Film finally released in Singapore this weekend. And of course I had to watch it especially after being associated with CSAAM and also having interacted with Harish and the cast of the movie. But this post is not … Continue reading

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Living in Singapore – Let’s talk about food – Post 18

These are the must have local food items that one shouldn’t miss while in Singapore. Although this country offers an almost international cuisine, there are a few typical Singaporean dishes which according to me are must tries. The cuisine here … Continue reading

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