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Simpy, our maid’s daughter – Post 5

Back home in Kapurthala (where Aman’s parents live) we have a part time maid. Her story is no different from any of the hundreds of other maids. She is from Bihar and when poverty got the better of them, she … Continue reading

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Tales from the wedding – 3 | Post 3

> Let’s talk about food, coz we love it, so much so that on most days we wake up to have breakfast. And while having breakfast we discuss the plans for Lunch and Dinner and the numerous in between eats. … Continue reading

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Tales from the wedding – 2

> Click here for “Tale from the wedding – 1” The timing of the trip back to in-laws place was a near perfect disaster recipe. Let’s just say, being married for almost 5 yrs and having no children to show … Continue reading

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Tales from the wedding – 1

> Lots and lots happened. But of course, I can’t write them all here so let me narrate this one occasion for the sake of being narrated. Out of all people critical for a wedding to be concluded in Northern … Continue reading

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Why have I been crying?

> Something really strange has been happening to me lately. Don’t know how or when, but suddenly I see myself transformed into this fat round gooey mass of emotions. It’s like I am brimming with sentiments. And even a slight … Continue reading

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Off To Punjab

We leave for Punjab tonight. This is my first ever trip to Punjab during such extreme winters. Bangalore has a way of spoiling us. Be it summers or winters, all months here are just so wonderful. We are off to … Continue reading

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