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VAWAM – Of the girl who lost her life to dowry

I have never spoken about this on my blog. And with a lot of pain I do so now. As part of the VAWAM initiative, I was tweeting about Dowry Deaths and Bride Burning a couple of days back. I … Continue reading

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VAWAM – The Silent Worker

I am in Bombay for my first cousin’s wedding. Its a happy festive time. The whole family is together after a while and the usual merriment prevails. The morning breakfast excitement, conversations and laughter has filled the air. That’s when I spot her, … Continue reading

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Does someone necessarily wears the pant?

Does equality in a marriage exists? Or for that, matter in any relationship? Or there always is a power imbalance? I think the power struggle exists. Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes not so subtle. It isn’t wise to consider … Continue reading

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And who are we to talk about Racism?

A candid conversation with a close friend has left me distressed and besides myself. This close friend in question is a girl of impeccable upbringing, smart, very talented and educated. What I am trying to establish is that she is … Continue reading

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Of men and the risks they take – Post 16

What makes men at powerful positions give in to momentary weaknesses and put at stake all that they have earned? There are number of such examples – Clinton, Woods, Arnold, Kahn and then our home grown Shiney. What could be … Continue reading

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Remind me, why do people have children? Post 15

Remind me, why do people have children? Because they want to, right? Then why does having a baby gives some people, and women to be more specific, a royal reason to crib about everything? I know it’s not easy, but … Continue reading

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There is a lot in the name – Post 13

And some things shouldn’t be called what they are. The first and foremost in this list is “Eve Teasing”. Ask any woman who has been subjected to catcalls, indecent gestures, touches, shoves and worst still, grouping. Ask them if there … Continue reading

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What do you do when woman don’t value themselves – Post 8

I was talking to a friend the other day and then I read this post by Roop. Let’s first talk about the friend. I think I know her since we were in class 4 or 5. She is/was smart, intelligent and … Continue reading

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Of Daughters and Sons

There was much celebration in the house. The mother had been blessed with a baby boy. The baby was doing well and so was the mother. All relatives were rejoicing. Someone said – It’s good that the first born is … Continue reading

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Of This and That

I feel the need to do another Blog Marathon. Only then will I be regular here. Truthfully I miss this place. But life is just running past me, while I huff and pant and try to catch up. It’s fun, … Continue reading

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